Battle of the Dancing Machines (Female Edition)

Rankings, Bias battles

Rank Picture Name Wins
1st Lisa Lisa Lisa 28%
2nd Yeji Yeji Yeji 18%
3rd Momo Momo Momo 14%
4th Seulgi Seulgi Seulgi 8%
5th Hyoyeon Hyoyeon Hyoyeon 8%
6th Chaeyeon Chaeyeon Chaeyeon 8%
7th Chungha Chungha Chungha 6%
8th HyunA HyunA HyunA 4%
9th Solar Solar Solar 4%
10th Joy Joy Joy 2%
11th Jennie Jennie Jennie 0%
12th YooA YooA YooA 0%
13th Mijoo Mijoo Mijoo 0%
14th SinB SinB SinB 0%
15th Hayoung Hayoung Hayoung 0%
16th Yoojung Yoojung Yoojung 0%