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2ABLE Company


South Korea

Introduction to 2ABLE Company

2ABLE Company (투에이블컴퍼니) is a South Korean entertainment company that specializes in record planning, production, actor, singer management, and web application development. They has been inactive on Twitter since late 2017 and on Instagram since 2018. They also deleted their webpage and their V Live channel later that year. In May 2019, Ju Won Tak requested his contract to be terminated. 2ABLE responded that they would take legal actions against him after which Ju Won Tak released a statement explaining that the company's CEO was being investigated for fraud and embezzlement and that he had not received any earnings for his activities while with RAINZ. The current state of the company is unknown.

2ABLE Company official logo

Former Groups of 2ABLE Company

2ABLE Company was managing 1 girl groups

Former Artists of 2ABLE Company

2ABLE Company was managing 1 boy and 1 girl idols

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