Avex Taiwan

Avex Taiwan

Korean: 에이벡스 대만

Japanese: エイベックス台湾



Introduction to Avex Taiwan

Avex Taiwan Inc (Chinese: 愛貝克思股份有限公司, Korean: 에이벡스 대만, Japanese: エイベックス台湾) is an entertainment and record label based in Taiwan. It was founded in July 1998 and is a foreign consolidated subsidiary of parent company Avex Group, based in Japan. As of 2015, Avex Taiwan is managed by Avex International Holdings (Singapore) Proprietary Ltd. (It became a foreign consolidated subsidiary after Avex Group's restructure in April 2004). Apart from producing music for artists based in Taiwan, it also distributes for other Avex and foreign artists, such as Kumi Koda and Super Junior.

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