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Kpop Idols born in 1984

All Kpop idols born during the year 1984.
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Stage Name Full Name Group(s) Date of Birth Gender
Na Aram Na Aram Six Bomb Jan 9th female
Hangeng SUPER JUNIOR, Super Junior-M Feb 9th male
Lina Lee Ji Yeon CSJH The Grace Feb 18th female
Simon Dominic Jung Ki-suck Mar 4th male
Bom Park Bom 2NE1 Mar 24th female
Yebin Lee Yebin Carcaro Girl Apr 8th female
Yumi Oh Yumi Miss $ Jun 7th female
Lady Jane Jeon Ji Hye Jul 25th female
Ne;MO Oh Sang Eun Miss $ Aug 24th female
Yesung Kim Jong Hoon SUPER JUNIOR, SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y. Aug 24th male
Seo In Young Seo In-young Sep 3rd female
Da Hee Lee Young Joo PPL Sep 15th female
BUMKEY Kwon Ki Bum TROY Sep 22nd male
Dara Park Sandara 2NE1 Nov 12th female
Spica Yunhak Jung Yunhak Supernova Dec 2nd male

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