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Kpop Idols born in 1986

All Kpop idols born during the year 1986.
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Stage Name Full Name Group(s) Date of Birth Gender
Sungmin Lee Sung Min SUPER JUNIOR Jan 1st male
LIZE Choi Si Ra APRIL KISS, LPG Jan 6th female
Youngtae Kim Sunyoung Lucite Tokki Jan 14th female
Kim Jaejoong Kim Jae Joong JYJ Jan 26th male
Yunho Jung Yunho TVXQ Feb 6th male
Erong Jo Yejin Lucite Tokki Feb 14th female
BESWEET Kang Juhee Feb 24th female
Puer Kim Kim Byul Mar 3rd female
Boram Boram Park T-ARA Mar 22nd female
Navi Ahn Ji Ho Mar 22nd female
So Young Yoo So Young After School Mar 29th female
Eunhyuk Lee Hyuk Jae SUPER JUNIOR, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E, Super Junior-M Apr 4th male
Siwon Choi Siwon SUPER JUNIOR Apr 7th male
DJ Soda Hwang Sohee Apr 7th female
Misung Lee Mi-sung Sunny Hill Apr 13th female
Zhoumi Zhou Mi SUPER JUNIOR Apr 19th male
Changmin Lee Changmin 2AM May 1st male
Zinni Kim Jinhee GLAM May 8th female
Sojin Park Sojin Girl's Day May 21st female
Yoochun Park Yoochun JYJ Jun 4th male
Hyun Joong Kim Hyun Joong SS501 Jun 6th male
Baby J Ha Joo-yeon Jewelry Jun 16th female
Dammit 조대민 Drug Restaurant Jul 12th male
Suran Shin Su-ran LODIA Jul 15th female
Lucia Sim Kyu Seon Jul 16th female
Dana Hong Sung Mi CSJH The Grace Jul 17th female
Jubi Kim Eun-young Sunny Hill Aug 4th female
Seonghwa Lee Seonghwa Carcaro Girl Sep 11th female
Silver Lee Eunhwa Vanilla Lucy Sep 14th female
Donghae Lee Dong Hae SUPER JUNIOR, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E, Super Junior-M Oct 15th male
Eunbyul Go Mi Joo LPG Oct 16th female
Heo Young Saeng Heo Young Saeng SS501, Double S 301 Nov 3rd male
BoA Kwon Boa Nov 5th female
Sirius Sungje Kim Sungje Supernova Nov 17th male
Eunjung Kim Eunjung Jewelry Nov 28th female
Sihyun Park Si Hyun Spica Nov 29th female
GRAY Lee Sung-hwa Dec 8th male
Qri Lee Ji-hyun T-ARA Dec 12th female
Xia Junsu Kim Junsu JYJ Dec 15th male

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