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Kpop Idols born in 2003

All Kpop idols born during the year 2003.
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Stage Name Full Name Group(s) Date of Birth Gender
ChaeY Song Chaeyeon CRAXY Jan 6th female
Prince Pasidh Vataniyapramote GHOST9 Jan 10th male
Soyeon Park So-yeon Busters Jan 13th female
Orly Ye-bin Jan 19th female
Kangmin Yoo Kangmin VERIVERY Jan 25th male
Taeyoung Kim Tae Young CRAVITY Jan 27th male
Ayeon Jo Yu-bin DMZA Feb 2nd female
Wooyeon Park Jinkyung woo!ah! Feb 11th female
Hyedam Park Hyedam OAHSIS Feb 17th female
Sunyoung Lim Sun-young HOWZ Feb 27th female
Minseo Park Minseo SATURDAY Mar 21st female
Hyerim Park Hye-rim Sparkling Mar 22nd female
Minyoung Park Min-young YOURS Mar 23rd female
Dayoung Kim Da-young YOURS Mar 25th female
Hyeonmin Park Hyeonmin N.CUS Mar 31st male
WooJin Lee Woo Jin TheEastLight. Apr 3rd male
Woojin Lee Woojin TEEN TEEN, GHOST9 Apr 7th male
Yeryang Lee Ye Ryang Pritti Apr 11th female
Yujin Heo Yujin Hi Cutie Apr 16th female
Jiheon Baek Ji Heon fromis_9 Apr 17th female
Nami Ehara Nami HOWZ Apr 23rd female
Sihyun Wish Girls 2nd Season Apr 26th female
Juwon Lee Ju-won YOURS Apr 30th female
Rian LABELUP May 3rd female
Big Naughty Seo Dong-hyun Jun 2nd male
Jihyun Kim Ji-hyun Sparkling Jun 9th female
Seeun Yoon Se Eun STAYC Jun 14th female
Sunoo Kim Sun Woo ENHYPEN Jun 24th male
Linlin Huang Tzu Ting Cherry Bullet Jul 5th female
Swan Park Sujin PURPLE KISS Jul 11th female
Seoyeon Lee Seo-yeon YOURS Jul 15th female
Joonee Kim Joon-hui DMZA Jul 18th female
Taekhyeon Jung Taek-hyeon 1THE9 Jul 28th male
Dajeong Jung Da-jeong PIXY Jul 31st female
Seongmin Ahn Seong Min CRAVITY Aug 1st male
Kang Seungchan Kang Seungchan NewKidd Aug 8th male
Sohee Kim So Hee Rocket Punch Aug 14th female
Minjae Song Minjae MCND Aug 23rd male
Sora Sakata Sora woo!ah! Aug 30th female
Intak Hwang In Tak P1Harmony Aug 31st male
Yujin Ahn Yu-jin IZ*ONE Sep 1st female
Gaeun Kim Gaeun Sep 19th female
Minju Min Joo DMZA Sep 29th female
Huijun No Huijun MCND Oct 7th male
Lasha Go In Seok DMZA Oct 10th female
Hanbyeol Ahn Hanbyeol DreamNote Oct 13th female
Youngchae Joo Young Chae DMZA Oct 14th female
Yuha Yoo Ji-young Orange Latte Oct 16th female
Dawoon Kim Da Woon Milkyway Oct 18th female
Haeseung Kim Hye-seung YOURS Oct 22nd female
Kim Jinha Kim Jin-ha TRI.ANGLE Nov 21st female
Jisoo Jeong Ji Su Busters Nov 22nd female
Miriam Miriam Lucca PRISMA Nov 27th female
Doah Kim Doah FANATICS, FLAVOR Dec 4th female
Doyoung Kim Do-young TREASURE, MAGNUM Dec 4th male
Yuna Shin Yu-na ITZY Dec 9th female
Sungwon Park Sung-won 1THE9 Dec 18th male
Taeseung Lee Tae Seung TEEN TEEN, GHOST9 Dec 19th male

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