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Kpop Idols born in 2004

All Kpop idols born during the year 2004.
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Stage Name Full Name Group(s) Date of Birth Gender
Harry June Han Harry-June DKB Jan 1st male
Bell Prapatsorn Sodsaengthien Z-Girls Jan 6th female
Jiyeon Kim Jiyeon SG Entertainment Girl Group Jan 7th female
Jungwon Yang Jung Won ENHYPEN Feb 8th male
Jaehee Lee Jaehee WEEEKLY Mar 18th female
Haruto Haruto TREASURE Apr 5th male
Lucy Kim Daeun woo!ah! Apr 9th female
Jowoon Kim Jo-Woon Ggumnamu May 19th female
Yunjeong Hi Cutie Jul 11th female
Jihan Han Ji-hyo WEEEKLY Jul 12th female
Minjung Cha Min Jung Busters, Milkyway Jul 15th female
Minseo Kim Minseo woo!ah! Aug 12th female
Eungi Yoon Eungi Hi Cutie Aug 16th female
Wonyoung Jang Won-young IZ*ONE Aug 31st female
Ian Lee Min Seo T.O.P Girls Sep 9th female
Jinwoo Lee Jin Woo TEEN TEEN, GHOST9 Sep 13th male
Songyee Park Songyee woo!ah! Sep 25th female
Jeongwoo Park Jeong Woo TREASURE Sep 28th male
Alex Alexander Vincent Schmidt DRIPPIN Oct 6th male
Narin Lee Eun-seo GsA Oct 28th female
Jihyun Choi Ji-hyun HOWZ Nov 8th female
Dohyon Nam Do Hyon X1, H&D Nov 10th male
May Hirokawa Mao Cherry Bullet Nov 16th female
Chaeyeon Kim Chae Yeon Busters Dec 4th female
Win Bang Junhyuk MCND Dec 19th male

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