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Chou Tzuyu

Hometown TAINAN
Date of birth Jun 14, 1999
Blood type A
Position in group Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual, Maknae

Chewy Tzuyu

Tzuyu was born in Tainan, Taiwan, on June 14, 1999, to parents of self-made entrepreneurs. In 2012, she was seen by talent scouts at the MUSE Performing Arts Workshop in Tainan and travelled to South Korea in November that year to become a K-pop trainee. After more than two years of training, she appeared on the South Korean reality show Sixteen in 2015, during which she was chosen as one of the nine members of the new girl band Twice.

  1. Languages spoke: Mandarin, Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese
  2. Training period: 2012-2015
  3. Star sign: Gemini
  4. Schooling: Shanhua Elementary School, Hanlim Multi Art High School
  5. Tzuyu has a dog named Gucci.
  6. Tzuyu shared pre-debut that she wanted to be recognize for her vocal and dance skills, not just her visuals.
  7. Tzuyu was scouted when she was performing during a dance competition in Taiwan.
  8. Tzuyu had the most public votes during Sixteen.
  9. Tzuyu is envious of Nayeon's plump lips.
  10. Tzuyu nicknames are "Chewy" because that is how her name is pronounced. She is also called Evil Maknae because she is often very direct and can be mean sometimes
  11. Jihyo invited Tzuyu to her house and when MC asked what Tzuyu did there. We slept together. Tzuyu said we showered together, Jihyo showed Tzuyu her yearbook as well as childhood photos
  12. Tzuyu and her mom video call each other very often but they don't talk much. They turn it and continue doing their own things
  13. Tzuyu likes spring the most because summer is too warm, winter is too cold and autumn is sort of a sad season.
  14. Tzuyu's mom likes Tzuyu in pigtails because she looks cute in it.
  15. Tzuyu joined JYPE on November 12th 2012
  16. Tzuyu made a spelling error in her Thanks to. She wrote JYP네이년(NaeYiNyeon) instead of JYP네이션(JYP NATION) which kind of has another meaning of "JYP you bitch"
  17. Fan asked Tzuyu if she speaks Mandarin or Korean in her dream and Tzuyu said there is no sound in her dream so she has no idea.
  18. Mina picked Tzuyu as the member she doesn't want to introduce to her brother. Reason:Tzuyu's height is almost the same as her brother and she is afraid that he might feel hurt by the height difference.
  19. Chaeyoung revealed Tzuyu speaks Mandarin in her sleep before. Tzuyu said it's a relief because Chaeyoung couldn't understand it.


Native name
Jun 14, 1999 (age 19)
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Lead Dancer, Vocalist


Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper


Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual, Maknae


Lead Rapper, Vocalist


Lead Vocalist, Center


Lead Vocalist


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Lead Dancer, Vocalist


Main Rapper, Vocalist

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