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Bae Juhyun

Hometown DAEGU
South Korea
Date of birth Mar 29, 1991
Blood type A
Position in group Leader, rapper

The mother of the group.

Bae Ju-hyun better known by her stage name Irene, is a South Korean singer, television host and actress. She is a member and leader of the South Korean girl group Red Velvet. She was part of SM Rookies.

  1. Languages spoke: Korean
  2. Training period: 2009-2014
  3. Star sign: Aries
  4. Schooling: Haknam High School
  5. Irene is close with Black Pink's Jennie.
  6. Irene appeared in Heny's "1-4-3" and SHINee's "Why So Serious" music video
  7. She was nicknamed "2nd Tiffany" because they look alike.
  8. She was close with F(x)'s Amber when they were still trainees.
  9. She’s good at cooking and regularly makes seaweed soup, especially for birthdays.
  10. Her speciality is modern dance.
  11. She was a famous Ulzzang in Daegu
  12. Irene is very flexible.
  13. She likes ironing and doing the laundry.
  14. Irene wakes up early in the morning to cook for Yeri who goes to school.
  15. Irene is very close to Yeri
  16. Irene is shy and doesn't talk much but to her close friends, she has a habit of being clingy like linking arms and holding hands.
  17. Irene could imitate the sound of Doraemon.
  18. Irene trained along with Sulli and Krystal.
  19. She collects anything that is purple.
  20. Irene gets sick whenever she eats Chicken.
  21. Irene first appeared in Heny's "1-4-3" music video.
  22. Irene's family consists of her Mother, Father, and younger Sister
  23. Favorite Food : Pizza
  24. Irene represents the color pink in Red Velvet.
  25. Favorite Artist : Boa
  26. Favorite Number : 43
  27. Irene is nicknamed "Baechu". Baechu in korean means lettuce which is also the same meaning of her name, Bae Joo Hyun
  28. Favorite Color : Purple
  29. Favorite Movie : The Notebook


Native name
Mar 29, 1991 (age 27)
South Korea
Years active

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Lead Vocal, Main Dancer


Leader, rapper


Main vocalist, sub-rapper


Maknae, rapper, dancer


Lead rapper, lead vocalist

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