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Kpics Rules

Kpics Rules
High quality posts only
  • No screen captures, previews, image resizers, cropped photos or edited content. Smallest images we accept are 800x800
  • Many websites only display thumbnail or lower quality versions of the original image (including kpopping, click the image for full sizes). This website will help you get the highest quality image.
    Twitter images require :orig at the end of the url in order to get the highest quality (this will cause the images to save as .jpg_orig and will need to be changed to .jpg. Addons will help with this)
Consolidate related pictures into albums
  • Teaser images must be compiled into one album either by group or artist
  • Uploading multiple photos of a artist or group from the same photoshoot, event, music show, red carpet etc. into an album. Don't upload every photo individually. If you want to upload photos of BTS at 2017 MAMA, create a ‘BTS 2017 MAMA' album and upload all of the pictures there. 

Tagging Guidelines
  • Not everyone in a image/video/gif needs to be tagged, only the relevant ones. If a recognizable idol is in the background of a photo of two other idols, but said background idol isn't the focus of the photo, then he/her need not be mentioned. Only tag groups if more then 50% (3/4, 5/8, etc) of the members are present in the photo or album
  • Group photos should just be tagged by group, You don't need to tag each member of the group, just the group itself.

Do Not Flood The Site
  • Limit your posts to 10 a day max. While uploads are appreciated, the website doesn't need a million new photos at once.
  • Albums must be used instead of making multiple posts from the same event

No Duplicates
  • Try to avoid duplicating images, I understand it'll be hard to tell what is inside every single album on kpics but try to at least use different thumbnails if you're posting something from the same event as someone else.
  • Exact single images or albums will be removed
  • HQ reposts are exempt from the duplicate rule

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