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Kpopping Rules

Standards for a better community

News page rules

A) Your posted content must be about K-pop news.

No non-newsworthy articles, top 7 koreaboo style posts, or reaction videos.

B) No Memes, or Shitposts

Articles intended primarily for humor are forbidden.

C) No Idol Pictures Except Teasers

Images and gifs of idols that are not teasers or announcements should be posted to kpics

D) Rehosting Images Guidelines

Official teaser images, announcements and pictorials must be rehosted on imgur multiple images should be collected into an album. Teaser image posts from other sources are forbidden.

E) Music Show Guidelines

Music show performances and winner announcements should be limited to one complete post listing both. Exception to this is comeback stages / special stages / debut stages, or the very first win ever by an artist or a triple crown. If there is no broadcast that week but a winner is still announced that can be posted.


See Guide (scroll down to bottom) for details on how to make tables

F) Do Not Editorialize Titles.

Be direct, and aim for readability.

G) Tagging Guidelines

Articles about groups should just be tagged by group, you don’t need to tag every individual member of the group.

H) Keep it current

Don’t rehash past events.

I) Incomplete Posts

Users posting empty or incomplete imgur albums or kpics posts then adding the rest of the pictures after submitting will have their posts removed. This creates a bad user experience for people, please do not do it. 

J) Music Video Milestones

We will only accept posts of 100 million increments. Record breaking posts are still allowed.

Kpics rules

A) High quality posts only

No screen captures, previews, or edited content. Smallest images we accept are 800x800

B) Consolidate related pictures into albums
Uploading multiple photos of a person or group from the same photoshoot, event, music show, red carpet etc. create an album. Don’t upload every photo individually. If you want to upload photos of BTS at 2017 MAMA, create a ‘BTS 2017 MAMA’ album and upload all of the pictures there.


C) Tagging Guidelines
Not everyone in a image/video/gif needs to be tagged, only the relevant ones. If a recognizable idol is in the background of a photo of two other idols, but said background idol isn’t the focus of the photo, then he/her need not be mentioned. Only tag groups if more then 50% (3/4, 5/8, etc) of the members are present in the photo or album

Example only Jiyeon needs to be tagged here

Group photos should just be tagged by group, You don’t need to tag each member of the group, just the group itself.


D) Do Not Flood The Site

Limit your posts to 5 a day max. Use albums. While uploads are appreciated, the website doesn’t need a million new photos at once.

E) No Duplicates

No reposts within 6 months unless it is being posted in higher quality

F) Be A Good Citizen

And report posts that are breaking these rules