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Database Edits

Editing our database is easy, simply click on a artist or group profile and hit edit. If you're looking to add in additional entries to our database main page hit the "Submit New" at the top of the page. Once you've clicked "Submit New" you'll be brought to our idol or group creation window         
From here you can remove old drafts which will remove all of your drafts and give you a up to date version of all profiles. You now have two options you can edit a existing profile or create a new one. If you're creating a new one type in the name of the idol or group and click create a new idol or group button.        
Starting off the first thing you'll want to do is click the update your draft text at the top of the window if it appears this will keep all of your information up to date. Profile Pictures      
All profile images must be transparent .png's if you're unfamiliar with how to make those see our photoshop guide. All sizes must be exact size Biographical Data      
Also Known As - This is used for things like adding artists/groups to your bias tracker using the search, kpics search, music search, articles and tagging. It is completely hidden from the page and is only used to make finding certain groups easier (Girls Generation a.k.a SNSD)​​​​​​ Greetings - A lot of groups have special greetings they use before speaking this field is for that and is displayed in front of our introduction section Additonal Details      
Fandom - is for fandom names  Fandom colors - These use hexcode so we can display the actual color on our website. You can use this website to translate colors into hexcode. For example GFriends fandom colors are PANTONE 11-4201, PANTONE 16-4725, PANTONE 18-3838 which give you hexcodes of F0EEE900ABC0, & 5F4B8B Special information - Special information is used only in case of a death or career ending injuries  Albums and Discography          
Album covers must be 300x300 in size After submitting url's you can edit the title in the quote marks. We use [ARTIST NAME] - [TITLE] Trivia or Fun Facts      
Schooling - We use the highest education they recieved so listing their entire school history is unneccessary. In Relationship - This is for confirmed relationships (dating, married) Star Sign: We use western horoscope signs for this. If you're unfamiliar can find the names and dates here