News Page Rules

  • News post should be newsworthly articles. Korean articles must contain English translations
  • Posts must be about current events, releases, performances, music videos. No throwback posts. Album releases should be compiled into one thread instead of separate posts for each song
  • All posts must be related to K-pop
  • Copying and pasting entire news articles is not allowed. Discussing quotes from an article is okay.
  • Be direct and aim for readability. 
  • All dates should be in the format: YYMMDD
Tagging Guidelines    
  • Articles about groups should just be tagged by group, you don’t need to tag every individual member of the group.  
 No Duplicates
  • Reposts are forbidden. Articles that only restate the same news without adding any new information will be considered a duplicate
Incomplete posts
  • Creating empty posts to win the race to posting content will result in your content being removed.  
Music Videos & Youtube Premiere
  • Music videos should only be posted after the official release. even if a link is available early due to a Youtube Premiere.