Pics rules

Content Rules
  • High quality posts only. No previews, screenshots, memes, shitposts, doodles, fanmade wallpapers, image resizing, cropping, photos of photos etc. 
  • Photos must be of the artist not of their pets, products, scenery photos.
  • Paid content is not allowed
  • No duplicates.
  • Users should look to submit the highest quality content available from the available sources. Submissions with subpar quality will be removed. High quality teasers can be found on Bugs & Melon.
  • Event dates should be set on all posts, they're used for This day in kpop.
Consolidate related pictures into albums
  • Compilation albums (large albums compiled from different dates/events) are not allowed. 
  • Uploading multiple photos of a artist or group from the same teasers, photoshoot, event, music show, red carpet etc. into an album. Don’t upload every photo individually. 

Titles should be in english and including the name of the artists in the photos, do not use vague editoralized titles, aim for readability.

Dates should be provided in Korean Standard Time (KST). If the date submitted is incorrect as per KST, the post will be removed you'll be asked to resubmit it.The title guidelines below can be used as a guide.

Social media
  • YYMMDD [Account ] [Platform] Update - Description of whose in the photos
  • example: 190901 IU Instagram update
  • example: 190822 EVERGLOW Twitter Update - Aisha
  • example: 200218 TWICE Twitter Update - Nayeon for Cosmopolitan magazine March 2020 issue
  • example: BTS' Jungkook 2019 Billboard Music Awards photoshoot by Naver x Dispatch
  • example: Red Velvet's Irene for Marie Claire magazine September 2019 issue
  • example: IU 5th Mini Album "Love Poem" [SCANS]
  • YYMMDD [Artist] at [Event Name(if possible)]
  • example: 190810 TWICE's Dahyun at MGMA Red Carpet
  • example: 190811 Stray Kids Hyunjin
  • example: Red Velvet - "Really Bad Boy" Concept Teasers
Music shows
  • YYMMDD [Arist] at [EVENT]
  • example: 191212 TWICE - Likey at M Countdown
  • SNS: Social media posts
  • Teasers: Teaser/concept photos 
  • Official: Naver blog posts, cafe daums, behind the scenes content
  • Photoshoot: Magazines, brand endorsements, CFs, photoshoot content
  • Fantaken: photos taken by fans or press
  • Music Shows: photos from music shows
Tagging Guidelines
  • Uploaded photos are used on our profiles and thumbnails throughout the site, the first image in the album decides the thumbnails so be mindful of that when creating new photo albums
  • Not everyone in a photo album needs to be tagged, only the relevant ones. If a recognizable idol is in the background of a photo of two other idols, but said background idol isn’t the focus of the photo, then he/her need not be mentioned.
  • Only tag groups if more then 50% (3/4, 5/8, etc) of the members are present in the photo or album.
  • Group photos should just be tagged by group, You don’t need to tag each member of the group, just the group itself.
High Quality Submissions