Notifications and Messages

Every notification can be found in the notifications section. From comments on your posts, replies to your comments, or status updates on entries that you have made to our Database. Settings page can help you adjust which notifications you recieve.

Any messages your fellow Kpoppers have sent you can also be found in your inbox.
Biases and Kpop go hand in hand. Eminem may have invented the term ‘stanning’ but kpoppers have perfected it. Naturally we all have idols that we like more than others, and that’s where the Bias Tracker comes into play.
  • Adding a new bias is simple. Simply go to the profile page of the idol or group you want to follow and hit the + icon at the top of the page near the name to add them to your bias tracker.
  • After selecting your bias, they will be displayed on your Bias Tracker at all times where you can keep up to date with all of your favorites. Go to your user settings page to select what types of notifcations you want to be sent into your notifications inbox.