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Missjetaime94   1 year ago
Ommo Ommo! they're so handsome 🙂 Especially Kang MinHyuk Oppa 😘 ❤
1 year ago
lilKANGGUN    Missjetaime94   1 year ago
Is kang minhyuk also your bias?? Hahahaha he's my ultimate bias while yonghwa jungshin and jonghyun were my bias wrecker
1 year ago
Missjetaime94    lilKANGGUN   1 year ago
Yes he is my bias in CN Blue actually I have a bias in every group I know, hihi 😃
1 year ago
Moonlight   10 months ago
CNBLUE was one of my first love in Kpop since 2009... still looking and doing great guys!
10 months ago