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[NAVER x DISPATCH ] BTS Christmas Pictures (181130) | 181224

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XyliaaModerator   1 month ago
Best Christmas present 🎄
1 month ago
1 month ago
JHopesGlasses   1 month ago
They look so good ❤
1 month ago
Caboba Ahmed   1 month ago
So cute pics
1 month ago
Nagisa Furukawa   1 month ago
My dearest 💜 happy Christmas 💜 #BTS 💜
1 month ago
Sena Kunino   1 month ago
What a wonderful Christmas present!!
1 month ago
Tiffany Hatake   1 month ago
they r so handsome!!!!!!
1 month ago
Ilma Thiana   1 month ago
They're so adorable♡
I love JHope♡

1 month ago
Samantha Evans   1 month ago
Can I go to the party they are attending? They look so handsome and grown up. Happy Holidays to them and everyone.  #TaeHasMySoulInHisPocket 

1 month ago
Kelsyb   1 month ago
I can't believe how cute
they look

1 month ago