Dream Girl

Chapter 1. Dream Girl - The Misconceptions of You is the first part of the third full-length album by SHINee. It was released on February 19, 2013 with "Dream Girl" serving as the album's title track. This album is about "my misconception of you", "the misconception of the world wrapped around me", and "the misconception of reality". The lyrics can be interpreted as the dreams, ideals, and visions of the world through SHINee's eyes. The visuals of the albums were made with the help of up-and-coming talents rather than established artists and photographers. Min Hee Jin, Director of SM Entertainment's Visual and Art Directing department, stated that "the album jacket shows the fantasies of the members. It has the members' own images and the ideal types they look for." Min Hee Jin also explained that the title track "Dream Girl" was not only about a girl, but also about the process of self-reflection that happens when looking for someone.

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Feb 19, 2013


SM Entertainment


Korean, English

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