Kpopping Oct 94:16 PM

And so month four of beta begins! (week 13)

What's new and what we're working on this month:

Going to change this post's format to monthly to make it a bit easier to keep up with.

  1. KPopping has been funded for the next year-- so we're now guaranteed to be hosting giveaways until October 11th, 2018. The Kpop keeps flowing, nothing stops this train.

  2. A few weeks ago we began operation "figuring out caching" and haven't yet found a workable solution for increasing our pagespeed. We'll get there soon, but for now we're aware things are a bit... slow at kpopping. Please have patience with us :)

  3. Our Encyclopedia individual page redesign for Kpopping v4 is now underway, we're adding a few new things like fandom colors and a way to edit idols and groups directly from their page. Development for v4 is coming later this month, and then we'll roll it out live once we're confident that it's at least somewhat functional.

  4. You can now add video files to KPics! Check it out and help us test this feature.. The only limits are 1 minute max length and 100MB max size.

  5. You can now add tables to your posts at Kpopping with markdown-- for an easy way of doing it you can check out and copy and paste the result. We're adding some improved aesthetics to it soon, but for now it's pretty bare (although functional).

  6. We fixed the Encyclopedia temporarily deleting entries problem, it turns out it was a security measure for flagging what might be an illicit update gone awry, but it appears to have been fixed now. If you notice any problems like this please email or tweet at me.

  7. We've had a few more users try and create multiple accounts and enter our giveaways again. If you're sharing a computer with someone else that uses Kpopping you must email me with some sort of evidence that you are in fact not a single individual. ([email protected])

  8. MVPs! We've had a lot of people interested in helping out our nascent community, and we've been thrilled with the effort you guys are putting in with us to build up Kpopping. We talked it over and decided we need to up our game up here with the rewards, so each week we'll be picking out a special user that has gone above and beyond somehow for KPopping and sending them a KPop album of their choice.

Thanks to all of you who have joined our beta thus far, we appreciate all of you tremendously. If you have any comments, or criticisms I love being shouted at via text, my email is [email protected]