Kpopping Nov 272:45 AM

Winner: #30, Lvlnsoos

Another week, another giveaway
This giveaway will last two weeks, we're going to switch some of our other giveaways up a bit so stay tuned.

 Double album


  1. Reply to this post with a picture you uploaded of your favorite Lovelyz member to our KPics page, OR link to an image of a Lovelyz member that you upvoted.
  2. One entry per person
  3. International participants are welcome!
    That's it!

The lucky winner will be announced Sunday, December 10th at 8PM EST. Good luck, everyone!

Helpful links:

As always when we use the random number generator we will be skipping people who have been banned from this giveaway for cheating, and other non-entry posts. If it the number lands on their post we will just use the random number generator again until we find a winner.

Special thanks to Jius97 for creating the graphic for this giveaway!