Xavier Miller Jan 79:49 PM

Welcome to Soul Sunday! A day where we appreciate some of the best ballads in K-Pop!

Today's song, is one of my favorites of HIGHLIGHT, back when they were BEAST; 'Will You Be Alright'.

Released on May 29th, 2013 as a promotional digital single for BEAST's upcoming mini-album, Hard To Love, How To Love, 'Will You Be Alright' is written and produced by member Junhyung and is "NOT" about his then ex-girlfriend Goo Hara. Given that the song was released several months after the breakup, many fans find it to be an impossible coincidence.

Regardless of whether or not this song is about Goo Hara, it's an amazing song; definitely one of BEAST's best works as a group, and one of Junhyung's beast as a producer and songwriter. There is a simplicity to the lyrics, as well as a rawness that makes the song very, very relatable to listeners. I was going through a relationship rough patch myself at the time and definitely had this song on repeat for a few weeks. Or maybe it was months.

You wouldn't think a sentence as simple as "Where are you going, why you wanna go?" would be a powerful line in a song, but in 'Will You Be Alright' it is. It's a simple question, that has a lot of emotion and complexity behind it. And that's the beauty of this song. Simple, but conveys the most complex of emotions in its' lyrics.

And let's not forget the awesome vocals either, with all the members contributing some euphonious notes to the song. And of course, Junhyung's rapping. When it comes to idols and ballad rapping, I don't think there' s an idol out there, that does it better than Junhyung. His tone is perfect for it.

BEAST's discography is chock-full of fantastic ballads, but 'Will You Be Alright' just may be their best one. What do you think?