Xavier Miller Jan 95:08 AM

It has been nearly a month since the tragic passing of Jonghyun, and many have wondered about the future of SHINee.

Today, shawols have had their concerns answered; the members of SHINee, uploaded handwritten letters on their website stating their plans for the group.

Member Minho, who said he wanted to wait until he was in a more calm state before announcing the news, has confirmed that the next legs of SHINee WORLD THE BEST 2018 ~ FROM NOW ON, Osaka and Tokyo Dome tour will not be canceled.

The members each expressed how difficult it will be without Jonghyun, but also assured that they will perform to the best of their abilities and share the stage with Jonghyun.

Heaven knows it must be very hard for them to do this, but they know more than we do how much Jonghyun cared for his fans, and that he would have wanted the show to go on.