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minlulu   2 years ago
Eyyy, I really liked this!! I'm not usually really into the soft or like boyfriend style concept, but the melody and beat to this really drew me in haha. I'd love to learn more about BOYFRIEND, I've known about them, but I've never checked their stuff out.
2 years ago
DirtyAhjumma    minlulu   2 years ago
[sending bat signals to Krypta's spirit]
I think this is one of the group's Krypta is stanning. :)

2 years ago
Krypta    DirtyAhjumma   2 years ago
[bat signal detected]
This group is really good especially their 2012 releases T_T The twins messed up my mind because at first I had no idea there were twins. I just thought I was failing to remember one member.

2 years ago
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Krypta    minlulu   2 years ago
As a Bestfriend, I am drawn into this comment. (Yes, our fandom is called Bestfriend. Boyfriend has the audacity to friendzone their fans. Cruel. Very cruel)
If you have time, feel free to check one of their best stuff:

2 years ago
minlulu    Krypta   2 years ago
Oh my goodness, I really can't believe the fandom name hahah!! I quite enjoyed the song, thank you so much for sharing it with me! I love the old kpop vibes of it. They really remind me of Shinee with their hair and costumes haha. I loved the beat though, and the guitar was so cool!
2 years ago
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