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The older sister of Spectrum member Kim Dong Yoon has written a post on Instagram following his recent passing.
Her post from July 31 is as follows:
“To my beloved brother Dong Yoon who was always shining.
“They say that everyone has to go when it's time, don't they..?
“But still, I think this is too fast.
“I still can't believe it.. I hate this reality that's so hard to accept.
“Dong Yoon, you were a lovely and beautiful child that is an essential part of our family.
“More than anyone else you were honest, kind, warm-hearted, liked people, were always smiling, liked eating until you might burst, and were so cute. My heart is breaking to have to send you off.
“While we were holding your funeral, so many people prayed for you to go to a good place.
“I'm so, so grateful, sorry, and thankful.
“I'll say the rest of what I have to say to you personally when I see you.
“As much as many people prayed, you have to go to a really, really good place.
“You have to have fun and be happy there.
“I really loved you and I still love you, my brother..
“Thank you to the many people who have expressed their condolences.
“Please pray so that Dong Yoon will not be lonely on his path.”
She included the hashtags “Spectrum,” “Kim Dong Yoon,” and “Dong Yoon.”

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Krypta   1 year ago
This is so sad T-T My heart is hurting for her. I wonder how the other members of Spectrum are doing. I haven't really heard anything from them. I wonder how they feel.
1 year ago