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BTS's Jungkook surprised his lucky fans by holding an impromptu busking session while visiting Malta for their reality program.
Jungkook apparently surprised his fans by singing his rendition of “Lost Stars” from the soundtrack of “Begin Again”.
He stood in front of a small food cart as he serenaded his lucky fans in the middle of the night!

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minlulu   10 months ago
Wooooow! Jungkookie is really out here!! Oh my god, my heart dropped when I saw this headline hahaha! Those fans are soooooo lucky, it was such a wonderful thing for him to do! I gotta go find the video now to fangirl over myself!
10 months ago
WaNueSu   10 months ago
How can you not stan this person ? Fans are so lucky to have this guy. He really wanted to serenade fans so he went out and sing for free T.T
10 months ago
Krypta   10 months ago
I am so jealous over those who got to watch his performance T^T By the way, where is our Kookie Mixtape?
10 months ago

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