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iKON June shared that he cut down on rice, exercised like crazy and end off the day with almond & whiskey as part of his comeback diet routine

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Krypta   10 months ago
But he's already lost a lot of weight compared to how he looked like in WIN T-T I have a feeling we're gonna get to see some abs on this comeback.
10 months ago
whalien5243   10 months ago
I just hope they can stay safe and healthy because their diets sometimes worry me... 😞
10 months ago
minlulu    whalien5243   10 months ago
They worry me too. Most Kpop diets are so unhealthy and restricting, while the idols that diet are actually a normal weight or even underweight to begin with. I wish they didn't have such a huge pressure to be skinny or muscular be put on them :"(
10 months ago
Jandy   10 months ago
At an interview held on August 2 for the release of iKON's new mini album “New Kids: Continue,” Junhoe started off by introducing himself and stating, “I exercised hard and lost some weight for my new look.”
When asked about the reason for starting a diet, Junhoe revealed, “To be honest, I didn't lose that much weight. I gained some weight during ‘Love Scenario' [activities], so when I looked back [at that time] after losing some weight, I was a little embarrassed.” He continued truthfully, “I didn't realize. We have schedules planned for all the broadcasts and the tour, but I want to take that in looking good. No matter how I'm captured [by cameras], I'd like if there weren't any bad photos.”
He added, “I decreased my alcohol intake and exercised by a crazy amount. After exercising, I ate almonds and drank a cup of whiskey at night. When drinking whiskey, there's a slimming effect. It's true!”

10 months ago
minlulu   10 months ago
Ok, I'll have to follow some of his advice hehe, probably just to cut down on carbs though, whiskey is not for me lol. He really looked great before though, I don't think he really had any weight to lose 😞. The whiskey thing is kinda funny though, I know Yoongi also likes his whiskey and boi is a skinny legend soooo.....
10 months ago

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