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On August 5, word got out on Twitter that Pentagon fans on their official fancafe flooded the page with questions for Cube Entertainment to give feedback on. Several users posted the same post containing the same questions, each titled "[Feedback] We demand feedback from Cube Entertainment and Kim Hyojung (Edawn)."
Universe fancafe members asked the following:
1) Kim Hyuna & Kim Hyojung - Regarding the mental and financial damage suffered by the Universe over the past 2 years:
  • What is Cube and Kim Hyojung's position on this?

  • Is there a willingness to compensate fans?

  • If you have a specific plan, how and when do you plan to compensate fans?


2) Regarding the Universe's first opening ceremony:
  • Will you proceed as scheduled or or will you issue a cancellation on the morning the day of the event, like you did with the fansigning of Triple H on August 4?

  • If you proceed as scheduled, will Kim Hyojung attend?

  • If he (Kim Hyojung) attends, what's the reason and purpose for this?

  • Is there a way to cancel tickets and receive a refund?


3) Kim Hyojung, you have deceived your team members. Based on all the action and words that have been shown in consideration of you and your girlfriend, I don't want you to be involved with the rest of the members under the name Pentagon anymore.
There were divided opinions on this issue and feedback request from fans. Some thought this was crossing a line, while those who posted it stated they just wanted a statement from Edawn (Kim Hyojung) similar to Hyuna's post on Instagram.
Update: As of August 6, the requests asking for feedback on future activities involving Kim Hyojung (Edawn), compensations, & his departure from the group continue to flood the fancafe. Fans' demands for these terms to be met have not relented as over a thousand more posts supporting this stance have poured in.
No word yet from Cube Entertainment on this issue.
Stay tuned to be updated on this developing story.

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Katrine   1 year ago
Lol so they're asking to be compensated for the "support" they gave him for the past 2 years? I know it's already a fan culture on this side of the world to stan "single" idols but c'mon. It's 2018. But I can also understand these fans' feelings. You know how fans like these are soooo dedicated to their idols and finding out that their bias has been keeping something from them can really hurt. (But remember no one forced you to support them).
1 year ago
Anne Bollmann    Katrine   1 year ago
I sooo agree with you!! These people are not real fans! I was joking with my friend today - if I were to sue every one of my biases for not marrying me as I planned it on my head, I'd be the richiest girl ever LMAO
1 year ago
Krypta   1 year ago
This is disgusting. These so called fans are so delusional and their sense of entitlement is too much. What kind of Mental or Financial damage did they receive? It's not like they were forced to buy their albums and support the boys. It's not like they're dating E'Dawn lmao. Why is there a need to compensate? This is officially, by far, the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in my years of being a kpop fan.
"Kim Hyojung, you have deceived your team members." OH SWEETIE, THE BOYS KNOW THEY'RE DATING. It's just like in a class, we may not be close to each other but we all know who's dating who lmao.

1 year ago
DirtyAhjumma    Krypta   1 year ago
I didn't like that he lied but asking for monetary remuneration is just....insane. These kids need to go home, look in the mirror, and hug themselves.
1 year ago
minlulu    Krypta   1 year ago
I agree 100%, any fan of Pentagon that stands by this is disgusting and not a fan at all. My god, they think so highly of themselves, it's just mind-blowing and heart-breaking to think about what E'dawn must be going through right now. I understand fans wanting an official statement from him, like Hyuna's post, but these demands and just way too blown out and crazy. My heart hurts so bad for E'dawn right now, I can't believe some people are saying that he should be out of Pentagon. I know it must be difficult for Hyuna, but I feel like E'dawn probably is facing worse backlash right now. :((((
1 year ago
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