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On August 8, Cube Entertainment announced E'Dawn will not be attending their upcoming fan event. Their post to Twitter read:
"Hello, this is Cube Entertainment. 
The announcement regards two members who will not be able to attend ['UNIBIRTHDAY' (PENTAGON's PRIVATE CLASS)] fan event to be held on the 11th of August. 
E'Dawn is unable to attend due to inner issues and Yanan due to an unworkable schedule. We apologize for worrying fans who have been waiting and we ask for your understanding in this. 
Thank you."
Earlier, over a thousand fans on Pentagon's official fancafe to demand feedback from Cube entertainment and E'Dawn's departure from the group.
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nayeoni   2 years ago
Those 'fans' need to grow up and accept that their bias isn't going to date them anyway and be happy for him instead of making a scandal out of two people liking each other
2 years ago
나야Rv    nayeoni   2 years ago
OMG! Mic drop.
No need to say anything. What you said summarized everything already. A fan should just support their bias in these kinds of thing especially if it's not doing any harm to them. One, they are human who can fall in love and will. Two, they are never yours to keep no matter how much of a fan you are.

2 years ago
minlulu    나야Rv   2 years ago
I agree with this whole thread and I'm cringing so hard at most of the kpop fandom right now, cuz people be crazy. I wish this whole thing could just blow over as fast as possible and that Hyuna and E'dawn can just be happy without having dumb fans writing crappy SNS posts to them all the time T.T
2 years ago
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