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On August 8, Cube Entertainment Japan took to Pentagon's fancafe to announce E'Dawn's absence from any upcoming Japanese schedules. The post read:
This is CUBE Entertainment Japan. Thank you for supporting PENTAGON.
This is a notice regarding PENTAGON member E’Dawn.
Due to internal circumstances, E’Dawn will not be attending any schedules held in Japan, including the fan meet scheduled for August 18.
We apologize deeply.
We appreciate your understanding."
This was just after Cube Entertainment announced E'Dawn would be absent from the "UNIBIRTHDAY" fan event on 11th of August.
Japanese Universe appear to be just as upset about his dating revelation as several of them in the hundreds took to Japan Twitter to express their outrage and demand refunds/compensations, similar to their Korean counterparts.
Stay tuned for updates as this story develops and share with us your opinions on this issue?

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Krypta   1 year ago
I've heard of fans being upset and asking a member to be kicked out before (ELFs towards Sungmin) but never to the point of asking monetary compensations. This issue is really getting out of hand.
I hope Cube would just send them on international tours instead. For sure the reception for E'Dawn would be way better since international stans are very supportive on the HyoNa couple.

1 year ago
minlulu    Krypta   1 year ago
That's a great idea actually. You should pitch to Cube when their next Pentagon project campaign comes in lol. But no really, Cube should send them all the hell out of Asia, and to Europe and the Americas where fans can actually appreciate the freedom for the group.
1 year ago
WaNueSu   1 year ago
Why is this happening T.T He doesn't deserve this. All he wanted was to be honest. SO these fans doesn't want their idols to be honest about their lives So delusional
1 year ago
ftjae   1 year ago
I just saw this... I can't believe this, seriously, wth, JUST BECAUSE YOUR FAVE IS DATING SOMEONE? This people need to chill, they are f normal people, they CAN date too :|
1 year ago
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