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24K are currently having a World Tour. While being in Paris for the concert their belongings got stolen from the hotel room they were in. No suspects and no evidences were found. Member Cory tweeted: "This scum crawled into Hongseob and Jinhong's room and stole their wallets..phones.. and also Hongseobs knapsack. Help us locate this degenerate asap."

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WaNueSu   11 months ago
They were robbed at their own hotel room? Is this even possible ? They should leave this place asap!!! This should have been their most comfy place after work but no, they got robbed. OMG
11 months ago
Krypta    WaNueSu   11 months ago
True! The hotel is very incompetent, they should sue or ask for compensation.
11 months ago
jai   11 months ago
There's no safe place now adays!
11 months ago
Krypta   11 months ago
The advantage of nugus these days is that they can openly express their anger in social media sites such as that member of "The Rose" after they got hacked, and now 24k's Cory. I doubt if the bag could still be returned though. Paris is such a lovely city but there's so many cases of pickpockets and theft every day.
11 months ago
minlulu   11 months ago
Wow, I really, really hope this wasn't a fan or anyone that called themselves a fan at least, that would be horrible. It's of course really horrible this happened to them at all, so much expensive stuff was stolen from them that will be hard to replace, ugh it sucks so bad T.T
11 months ago
DirtyAhjumma   11 months ago
What the flying ffff? That's just horrible. And it's not like 24k has loads of money they can afford to lose their stuff like it's nothing. T_T
11 months ago

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