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sygjaeyong   2 months ago
YJ’s Kim Jaejoong and TVXQ have become artists with a RIAJ gold certification.
On August 10, the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) shared their monthly list of artists that earned a gold certification. Among these artists were JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, who received his gold certification for his Japanese single “Sign / Your Love,” as well as TVXQ, who received their gold certification for their Japanese single “Road.”
Artists must record at least 100,000 units in sales in order to receive a RIAJ gold certification. The next level of certification is platinum at 250,000 units, and then double platinum at 500,000 units. BTS was also included on the list, earning a gold certification for “Love Yourself: Tear.”

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KatrineModerator   2 months ago
So proud of these three. Still super strong in Japan after all these years
2 months ago
sarangmina    KatrineModerator   2 months ago
Meanwhile Yoochun and Junsu's image are still on the dumps
2 months ago
KatrineModerator    sarangmina   2 months ago
When they get back to promoting, there's no doubt fans will still be there for them. Xia/Junsu will be discharged in a few months so I hope they do something as JYJ pretty soon.
2 months ago
WaNueSu   2 months ago
Can they receive the award at the same time though? 😞 MY OT5 feels T.T
2 months ago
Krypta    WaNueSu   2 months ago
I would love to see them interact with each other T^T I wonder if they'll let bygones be bygones.
2 months ago