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Ref   9 months ago
On August 10, the "Produce 101 China" side has issued a statement in response to the withdrawal of WJSN members Mei Qi and Xuan Yi.
They stated, "There is no legal basis for Yuehua Entertainment's announcement of Mei Qi and Xuan Yi's contract termination."
This comes one day after Yuehua Entertainment announced they pulled out the two Chinese idols from the Produce 101 project girl group to return to WJSN due to failed negotiations about contractual scheduling and health concerns.
To this, the "Produce 101 China" side added, "There is no legal ground to terminate the contract based on the reasons Yuehua Entertainment has stated. We hope they respect the exclusive management rights we have with the two as a part of Rocket Girls."
Mei Qi and Xuan Yi finished first and second respectively on the official Chinese version of Mnet's "Produce 101" and were announced to have signed a mutually beneficial contract with Zhou Tian Entertainment.
Stay tuned for more updates as this story develops.
Source: [1]

9 months ago
Krypta   9 months ago
The show stated on August 9 through the Chinese “Produce 101” and Rocket Girls's official Weibo accounts, “There is no legal basis for Yuehua Entertainment's announcement stating the termination of Xuan Yi and Mei Qi's contracts. We hope they will honor the exclusive management rights regarding Xuan Yi and Mei Qi.”
The drama is heating up! Will they go to court just to settle this? Man, with how popular Xuan Yi and Mei Qi is to Rocket Girls, CPD1O1 wouldn't let go of them that easily. I wonder how C-fans are reacting to this.

9 months ago
WaNueSu   9 months ago
After all the things they have gone through, this is the mess the chinese agency is doing. Tsk. Just let them be with their original group
9 months ago
nayeoniModerator   9 months ago
I just want a WJSN comeback, but it seems that this back and forth is going to get in the middle of it...
9 months ago
sarangmina    nayeoniModerator   9 months ago
I hope WJSN would just debut a unit group. That way, the girls would have more exposure. I really miss their old song, I still go crazy over Bimiliya aaaa
9 months ago

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