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nayeoniModerator   9 months ago
I can't get enough of Taeyeon's voice
9 months ago
KatrineModerator   9 months ago
Great collaboration to start the season
9 months ago
sygjaeyong   9 months ago
King Taeyeon ❤
9 months ago
WaNueSu   9 months ago
I wondered why this didn't chart but after hearing it, now I know. They've wasted this collaboration in my opinion. They could have launched a song like Gift or Lonely 😞
9 months ago
Krypta   9 months ago
If you want something chill and relaxing, you really can't go wrong with this song. The chemistry is great ya'll.
9 months ago
Kim Kim   9 months ago
Is this a station song or a release? I feel like this is something that belongs to an agency for a station ID or something. But nonetheless, Taeyeon and Melomance's voice is superb! ❤
9 months ago

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