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nayeoniModerator   1 year ago
Brave Girls will be promoting as a four-member group for the time being.
On August 11, Brave Girls's agency released the statement, “Member Hayun will not be participating in the group's upcoming release due to health reasons. Brave Girls will be promoting with four members for the time being.”
The girl group is set to release their digital single, a new version of “Rollin',” on August 11 at 6 p.m. KST. The song was originally released last March as the title track of their fourth mini album, and the song will be reborn as a house dance track that is perfect for the summer. “Rollin'” is one of Brave Girls's most popular tracks and still continues to receive love to this day, approximately a year and a half since the song's initial release.
We hope that Hayun rests well and has a speedy recovery!

1 year ago
Krypta    nayeoniModerator   1 year ago
There are rumors going around that Hayun is leaving Brave Girls and all this medical hiatus stuff is bshit to hide the truth. Hayun also deactivated and has been spotted spending more time with her family. Brave Entertainment is such a mess.
1 year ago
suzy'sbae    Krypta   1 year ago
I just want them to be five again. The member line-up changes is already killing me. Are you a fearless too?
1 year ago
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