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KatrineModerator   1 year ago
there's so much noise in the audio and that makes it more authentic buuuutttt.....
1 year ago
DirtyAhjumma   1 year ago
Oh. Some of them have really "girly" moves it threw me off for a bit. I also thought the moves were a bit Momoland-ish the noticed the logo in the background. Are they from the same agency?
1 year ago
Krypta    DirtyAhjumma   1 year ago
I could be wrong but i'm guessing they just have the same choreographer. From what I remember Lego Lable is like a choreographer. Also, I think Momoland and IN2IT aren't from the same agency. IN2IT is the product of Boys24, a male survival show by Mnet. After the success of produce 101, they tried to have their own survival show but unlike Produce, these boys went through an audition process and aren't really under any agency so they are lowkey Mnet's property. .
1 year ago
DirtyAhjumma    Krypta   1 year ago
The moves were so Bboom-Bboom. Some of the little hand flicks were also definitely girl dance moves. 🙂
1 year ago

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