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It has been four years since the passing of Ladies' Code's EunB and Rise.
On September 3, 2014, Ladies' Code was involved in a serious car accident. EunB passed away by the time they reached the hospital, while Rise passed away four days later on September 7.
“I'm Fine Thank You” is a song that the group released in 2013, and following the passing of EunB and Rise, it rose to the top of charts as it gained attention for the beautiful lyrics.
Members Zuny, Sojung, and Ashley have performed the song in a new sign language live video as they remember the lives of their friends.
The end of the clip shows handwritten messages from them. Sojung wrote, “You are doing well, right? Eat everything you want there! Let's meet again. Come visit my dreams,” while Zuny's message says, “Unnies~ Live happily there, and don't worry about us. I won't forget and will always remember you. I love you.” The message from Ashley reads, “Ladies' Code is forever five. Always and forever together in our hearts.. Rise, EunB, I love you.”

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Krypta   2 years ago
This is giving me so much goosebumps. They all suffered so much from that accident. I always regret not stanning them while they were still actively promoting. "Hate You" used to be my jam but I got so caught up with Bangtan and EXO during those times.
2 years ago
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