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On September 4, Sunmi held her showcase in Samsung Hall in Ehwa Womens' University for her new mini album "WARNING."
Title track "SIREN" will be released at 6 p.m. KST along with 5 other new songs ("ADDICT," "Black Pearl," "Secret Tape," & "Curve") and previous singles "GASHINA" and "HEROINE."
Sunmi's "SIREN" is a prequel to "GASHINA" and with "HEROINE" forms a trilogy. This is the final part and completes the trilogy album project that links all three singles. The whole, over-arching theme is "warning."
Sunmi, who has made a comeback after eight months, said, "As the public knows, "GASHINA" is a song that warns men. "HEROINE" was about loving an attractive but fatal man but shows the doomed end of it. But "SIREN" is the end of the warning. "SIREN" is inspired by mythology. The myth of a siren is that it is a beautiful but scary woman/mermaid who seduces sailors into the sea with its alluring looks and beautiful voices. I was attracted to it because it was such a fresh concept," she explained about the new album "WARNING" and song "SIREN."
Sunmi, who participated in writing and composing six songs on the album, showed a deep affection for "WARNING." "The 'WARNING' album contains the stories we live in. 'WARNING' is not only a serious warning but also a story of our lives. It has everything to even a mischievous, playful warning."
"If I have one more wish, I would like to firmly establish my identity as a singer named Sunmi with 'WARNING.' When I was singing 'HEROINE,' I wanted to make my own genre called Sunmi and 'WARNING' is an album that is meant to be a stepping stone to doing just that."
Sunmi put a lot of effort into making this album. She confessed that as a pop singer with her own taste, she thought popularity was important. The "WARNING" album is a successful result of leading two contacts.
She said, "I've got a lot of work to do on my own. Since I have to pay attention to everything from my album to my clothes, I've been overwhelmed. So my company made a production headquarters and a team that helped me with my music was made. When I submit an idea board to the company, the production office develops it. I think there is a clash between our tastes and the public's tastes. The production division accepts opinions and I don't want to miss the public's popularity part."
Sunmi devoted herself to making the album "WARNING" and to finishing the trilogy genre. If the success of "GASHINA" has established her name as a solo artist, "SIREN" may be the start of singer-songwriter Sunmi.

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nayeoniModerator   9 months ago
I'm really proud that she's doing what she wants to even if she understands that it might not be what the public likes.
It must be hard to leave such a big company like JYP, but Sunmi has proven that she can manage it all on her own. Congrats for the comeback!

9 months ago
DirtyAhjumma    nayeoniModerator   9 months ago
That's the problem with JYP, I think. He's so involved in everything that sometimes, it strangles his artists' artistic freedom to express themselves.
9 months ago
minlulu    DirtyAhjumma   9 months ago
I think GOT7 suffers with that a lot of the time, I wish they had more artistic freedom and that heir sound sounded more personal to them and their tastes, not JYP's.
9 months ago
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WaNueSu   9 months ago
I wonder how this will sound with other Wonder Girls in it? It's really a great song! Better than Heroine ofcourse~
9 months ago
minlulu   9 months ago
I think she is doing amazing and shouldn't worry so much about popularity, everyone knows her from Gashina, but they will love her from whatever new song she puts out. It's amazing that she's running her whole show on her own with her own company, I'm glad we are seeing a lot more solo artists break off from major labels and that are able to flourish in their own, like Hyolyn too.
9 months ago

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