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On September 6, SPECTRUM released "Dear My" as a tribute to their late member Kim Dongyoon. 
"Dear My" was produced by member Jaehan, and Dongyoon participated in writing the lyrics. It is the last song Kim Dongyoon took part in, before his passing.

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sarangmina   1 year ago
I wonder how Armys will react considering that this photoshoot is quite similar to those BTS album jacket photos. Poor Spectrum, some immature armys are surely coming for them.
1 year ago
Katrine    sarangmina   1 year ago
they're already talking about it on twitter
1 year ago
Krypta    sarangmina   1 year ago
The agency is the one to blame for this. They are probably aiming for some sort of media play with this.
1 year ago
DirtyAhjumma   1 year ago
I like this song.
Omo. I just realized that the guy I recognized from Mixnine is dead. [shivers]

1 year ago