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WaNueSu   10 months ago
Aren't they one of the few groups that are still nugu up until now? I mean... I think I remember hearing their name on ISAC back in the days
10 months ago
DirtyAhjumma    WaNueSu   10 months ago
Could be. They don't particularly young.
[Googles them] Oh! They debuted in 2012. And they're under a Shinhwa member's agency. Huh.

10 months ago
Krypta    WaNueSu   10 months ago
They used to attend ISAC regularly. They're good friends with B.A.P and most boy groups. They've always been nugus and sadly, their leader died from cardiac arrest just last March.
10 months ago
DirtyAhjumma    Krypta   10 months ago
I kind of felt sad that they still have to wear name tags after finding out they've been around for 6 years now. And that also means their contracts are gonna be up next year. :S
10 months ago
DirtyAhjumma   10 months ago
How many of them are in the group? There seem to be more of them on the tag thumbnail.
I like this song from them. I'm not sure if I've heard anything from them before but I like the hook part of this song. :)

10 months ago
Krypta    DirtyAhjumma   10 months ago
One of the members left some years ago, leaving them as 5. Unfortunately their leader, Minwoo, died last March 😞 leading them as 4 now.
10 months ago
DirtyAhjumma    Krypta   10 months ago
Oh my god. That's...horrible.
10 months ago

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