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On September 22, Park Jin Young took to Instagram to share a message of gratitude to his JYP Entertainment colleagues and artists.
At the end of his message, he wrote, “I have received the gift of a special new responsibility. It turns out that I am becoming a father.
“I was unable to say anything up until now because we were being cautious, but now that we are in safe territory, I am able to share the news. If everything goes well, it seems that the baby will be born in January of next year.
“I am truly amazed that I am becoming a father, and I can't believe it at all. Although I feel awkward and am worried about whether I will be able to be a good father, I plan to do my utmost, as I always have in the past.
“Seeing as how even I am having trouble imagining myself as a father, I am guessing that all of you will feel even more awkward about ‘Park Jin Young as a father.' These days, I keep noticing all the children passing by.
“Based on the doctor's facial expressions, I have a reasonable guess as to the baby's gender, but when the baby is born, I will greet you again [with more details].”

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Krypta   11 months ago
Congratulations! The kid is very lucky to have JYP as a father. Imagine who will be the kid's godparents 😂 The idols will surely spoil him/her a lot too ❤
11 months ago
DirtyAhjumma    Krypta   11 months ago
YG is the godfather. Hahahahahahahaha!
11 months ago
Krypta    DirtyAhjumma   11 months ago
Lee Soo Man should be too! hahaha
11 months ago
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minlulu    Krypta   11 months ago
That kid is probably going to get similar treatment to YG's daughter. I can't believe I'm feeling jealous over an unborn baby lmao.
11 months ago
Original DavidModerator   11 months ago
Cue Psy's "I Got It From My Daddy" remix
Congratulations JYP!

11 months ago
VendettaForV    Original DavidModerator   11 months ago
whispers jyp

11 months ago
tatárModerator    VendettaForV   11 months ago
11 months ago
Jungkookies99   11 months ago
JYP is a father to us all already
11 months ago
WaNueSu   11 months ago
Is he married ? 
11 months ago
minlulu    WaNueSu   11 months ago
me lmao, I imagine that he is because having kids out of marriage is probably a big no-no in Korea. He might have tried to keep it quiet if the kid was born out of marriage, so I think he probably is married thought I have no idea to whom haha.
11 months ago
Megan Nadi   11 months ago
me waiting for got7 to sing the baby welcome .... 
11 months ago