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MXM talked about various topics concerning their future, money spending, and more in a recent interview with media outlet News1.
The end of Wanna One’s group contract is nearing, which means members Park Woo Jin and Lee Dae Hwi may soon join the MXM duo to complete “Brand New Boys.” Lim Young Min commented, “That’s something we’re looking forward to a lot as well. Since we were trainees who practiced together at first, I imagined a lot what it would be like to work together. Although we’re apart now, I think fans are already anticipating our activities together.”
When asked if MXM will still promote as a duo in the future after their supposed group debut with Park Woo Jin and Lee Dae Hwi, Lim Young Min revealed, “I think the two of us will be able to promote on our own in the future. I don’t think this is the end of MXM. If there’s an opportunity, we may be able to release an album.” Kim Dong Hyun added, “I don’t want to express us as a unit. I think we’re a separate team. We have our own identity. If we have a chance, we’d like to continue showing our music.”
The duo also talked about their biggest concerns lately, and Lim Young Min revealed he was worried about their upcoming concert. He shared, “I wonder how we will be able to do better. That’s my biggest worry. The next worry after that is about unifying. We need to think a lot before we can come up with countermeasures. Dae Hwi and Woo Jin’s appearances in Wanna One and with us can be different. We need to think about how to deal with that beforehand.”
The interviewer asked about their family’s reactions to their one-year activities as MXM. Kim Dong Hyun responded with a smile, “Lately, my aunt, grandma, and mom are into searching us up on social media. They always talk about us. It makes me think I have to work harder to appear [on TV] more. They’re proud of me. I’m grateful.”
Lim Young Min revealed, “My father said, ‘You’ve done good enough so far, and I’m proud of you.’ Even if I suddenly couldn’t become a singer, he told me that he was really proud of my achievements. He said those things because he’s afraid I will become burdened. I feel reassured. However, the one who nags me the most while monitoring me is my father. It’s a bit inconsistent, but I really appreciate it.”
The boys also shared what they got their parents with the money they made from music royalties. Lim Young Min said, “We didn’t receive our first payment [as idols] yet. However, we have money from royalties, and Rhymer gives us money during the holidays. I gave all of that to my parents. However, my parents told me to manage [the money] myself and gave it back to me. Instead, I send some of they money for living expenses to my older brother who is studying abroad for six months.”
Kim Dong Hyun revealed, “The last time I went home on vacation, I took money home for the first time. I bought a bag for my mom and pajamas for my dad. Also, my twin older brothers are about to go into the military soon, so I gave them some pocket money.”
The interviewer mentioned their nephews or cousins must be thrilled about the fact that they are related to MXM. Kim Dong Hyun replied, “I have a niece in elementary school, and she brags about me at school. She was upset how her friends don’t believe her when she boasts that her big uncle [Young Min] and I am MXM. So my niece took a picture [with us], saying she must take a picture with me. She’s so cute.”

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