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KatrineModerator   1 year ago
They started as an indie band right? Checked out their previous MVs/songs (like Sorry) when they went mainstream and they're really good. 
1 year ago
The Rose is one of those bands that should have been on the world stage since their debut, but really it's just a matter of time either way
1 year ago
WaNueSu    KatrineModerator   1 year ago
Are they like Hyukoh?
1 year ago
Krypta   1 year ago
I think I found a new band to stan. I regret checking them out this late. It's a good thing those disbandment stuff I read on twitter wasn't true. This was the same band that got their twitter account hacked right?
1 year ago
KatrineModerator    Krypta   1 year ago
1 year ago
DirtyAhjumma   1 year ago
Oh wow. 20 seconds in and I love them already. Gosh. The texture and emotion in his voice when he sings "Do you hear me?"
Stran. Stan. Stan!

1 year ago

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