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On October 7, BIGBANG's Seungri made a special surprise appearance at the 2018 Ground Forces Festival in Gyeryong at the invite of his groupmates Daesung and Taeyang. Each of them not only performed their own respective solo songs, but they also staged popular BIGBANG songs including “Bang Bang Bang” and “Fantastic Baby” together. 
Seungri shared a photo with them as well on his Instagram, and expressed, “I came to see private first class Dong Young Bae and Kang Dae Sung who are living as soldiers energetically and in good health.”

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Krypta   11 months ago
Lmao Daesung and Taeyang looks a lot healthier and better now in the military compared to before they enlisted. I wonder how Seungri feels knowing that he's up next to enlist any time now? 😂
11 months ago
DirtyAhjumma    Krypta   11 months ago
Right? I was just gonna say that too. 😛 Even Taeyang looks meatier.
11 months ago
minlulu    DirtyAhjumma   11 months ago
I bet they get really healthy rations and lots of exercise haha. Glad to see they are doing well though, I'm sure Seungri might have been a lil nervous going to see them after all the tea he's been spilling though haha. I wonder how GD and TOP are.
11 months ago
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