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Krypta   8 months ago
This is what happens when IU hangs out with Zico, can't wait for her to spit fire one day! Lmao. Kidding aside, this is so chill and cute! God-Jieun is adorable as always! <3  I can't stop staring at her, especially when she dances. I remember back then, people used to make fun of her dancing but now she's improved so much! IU is not good at everything that she does but she continued to improve until she became a force to be reckon with. 
Aaaaaahhh! This song is so catchy and I'm so inlove with the music video! Thank you IU <3

8 months ago
DirtyAhjumma   8 months ago
Holy sh*t. This is amazing. See, thsi is why even Kookie is just mad for this girl. She is cute and quirky and just slaying all at the same time.
8 months ago

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