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Last week, TheEastLight's leader and drummer, Lee Seokcheol stepped out to reveal to the public that their group is being abused and assaulted by Producer Moon Youngil and their company CEO Kim Changhwan, for four years now since 2015. The rookie band is composed of minors and Seokcheol revealed how they would get punished whenever they made mistakes or if the producer just wasn't satisfied with their actions.
He held a press conference and shared every detail, including all verbal abuse and other acts of physical violence. Although the producer involved stepped down from the company, Seokcheol together with his family will still be taking legal action against their company.
Today, October 22, it was revealed that the company, Media Line Entertainment, has terminated the contracts of the rest of the members: Lee Eunsung, Jung Sagang, Lee Woojin, and Kim Junwook. Thus, all members have now parted ways with the company.
The decision was made after a discussion together with their parents, avoiding further pain and damage to the members. Media Line Entertainment also says that they will cooperate with the upcoming legal investigation.

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nayeoniModerator   1 year ago
They should be in jail, the CEO, the producer and everyone else who knew and didn't help these kids
1 year ago
VendettaForV   1 year ago
Lock em up!
1 year ago
minlulu   1 year ago
Good riddance, I just wish now that legal action against the CEO and company could be taken. They should not be able to get away with this at all, it's such a damn horror story, they should be in jail or fined millions. Those boys deserve huge compensation and a much better company to run them.
1 year ago
Krypta   1 year ago
The CEO and Producer better lock up and rot! Everyone who knew about the abuse and turned a blind eye should all be accounted for considering they were even minors at that time. It's just a little sad that only the leader and his brother were the ones who only came forward and the rest stayed silent, understandable if they got scared though.
1 year ago