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We've all waited for it and finally got it: an E-Sports Tournament for Celebrities!
Hosted by OGN TV and produced by CJ E&M we can be sure that it's going to be a gripping experience. 
Check out the idols who will participate below!
  • 9MUSES Keumjo & Hyemi
    Fromis_9's Nakyung
    Astro's Jinjin, MJ & Sanha
    April's Chaekyung, Rachel & Yena
    B1A4's Gongchan
    Block B's Jaehyo
    DIA's Eunchae & Somyi
    FTIsland's Seunghyun
    Gugudan's Mimi
    Halo's Inhaeng & Ooon
    Hotshot's Yoonsan
    IN2IT's Sunghyun & Yeontae
    Jin Longguo & Kwon Hyunbin
    L.A.U's Choi & Donghyun
    Laboum's Soyeon & Yujeong
    Lip Bubble's Seorin & Winnie
    MASC's Woosoo
    Monsta X's Minhyuk
    MXM's Donghyun
    Myteen's Chunjin, Yuvin & Junseob
    NC.A & UNB's Jun
    NCT's Taeyong
    Noir's Minhyuk, Siheon, Seunghoon & Hoyeon
    NTB's Jaeha & Jio
    ONF's E-Tion, J-Us, Wyatt & MK
    Peace's Hyungeun & Sora
    S.I.S Gaeul, Anne & Jiae
    SF9's Dawon & Youngbin
    Sonamoo's Nahyun & Newsun
    The Boyz Hyunjae & Sunwoo
    TRCNG's Jisung & Taesun
    The King's Choirang & Seungjae
    Voisper's Chunggi
    Vromance's Hyunsik

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XyliaaModerator   1 year ago
What games will they be playing? If theyre playing overwatch time for Hyemi to shine 
1 year ago
Keyts    XyliaaModerator   1 year ago
No Overwatch unfortunately ;; The games are rumored to be League of Legends, PubG, Tekken 7 & VR/Arcade.
1 year ago
Krypta   1 year ago
Taeyong represent! Meanwhile Dreamcatcher is going full force!
1 year ago
RefModerator   1 year ago
Nice mix of nugus too for some fun
1 year ago