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On November 9, tvN aired a special “100 Days My Prince” broadcast, where the cast looked back on the drama's monumental success.
During the broadcast, leads EXO's D.O. and Nam Ji Hyun discussed how they carried out their ratings promise, dancing together if the drama surpassed 10 percent in viewership. The cast previously got together to dance EXO's "Growl" after the drama reached this goal.
When Nam Ji Hyun expressed that D.O. put in a lot of effort in teaching everyone, he replied, “No, it was nothing like that. Ji Hyun, you were really good. I was so surprised.”
He also commented on how Kim Seon Ho and Kim So Hee like to debate about who's the better dancer. “There's no reason to. In my perspective, you two are the same,” he said while chuckling. “So please be quiet.”
In his own interview, Kim Seon Ho said, “I apologized on social media. I was extremely sincere with my apology.”
As for why he did that, he explained, “I hope people recognize that I practiced really hard for an hour and a half. But when I saw the video, I was worried that it might come off as I'm lazy or didn't care, and that people might question why I was dancing that way. I really worried a lot.” Kim Seon Ho added, “Thankfully, no one said anything like that. I did gain a lot of nicknames. Paper doll, fenghuang, crane…”

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Krypta   7 months ago
Above all, what I really loved about this drama was the friendship of the cast. You can really tell that they got along real good and wasn't just doing it for the ratings. I wish they could all reunite for a second season, like a modern day version. Be the scarlet heart ryeo 2 that we never had.
7 months ago

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