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Krypta   10 months ago
The beautiful GG thai line <3 I wonder if Minnie was immediately added to the thai group chat the moment she debuted or was she part of it even before debut. I wish we could see more of thai idols' friendships. They're adorable!
10 months ago
minlulu    Krypta   9 months ago
I was just gonna say, there's our gorgeous thai girl line! It's so cool to see them all together. I really wonder if they hang out or do things together or feel at home with each other. It must be pretty hard being a foreigner in a kpop group. 
9 months ago
Krypta    minlulu   9 months ago
I only know about their group chat. I wish they could guest on shows together so they'd get to talk more about their friendships.
9 months ago
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