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This week's discussion is going to be about 4 Trainee Groups that have already made an impact, may it be as a group or as individuals and are ready to make their mark in the Kpop World! 
1.) Star Empire Entertainment's female trainees "Empire Girls
Arguably one of the most well-known trainee groups with members such as Jang Hyokyeong, Kim Yunji and Kang Sihyeon who wowed the audience with their skills on Mix Nine and Produce 101 Season 1 respectively. These trainees are some of the best vocals in the Kpop Industry hiding behind cute and adorable visuals. They have been releasing dance covers since October and were praised for their learning speed as well as constant improvement. Especially member Jang Hyokyeong is known to be a music genius who composes her own songs since the young age of 14 and the expectations for a self-composed debut track are high! 
There is no confirmed debut date yet, but Star Empire teased that something would happen on December 31st 2018, so stay tuned! 

2.) YG Entertainment's male trainees "Treasure Box/Silver Boys
Unlike the other pre-debut groups mentioned here, this is more of a collective of trainees since there is no fixed group yet. But! They are appearing in the survival program called "YG's Treasure Box" right now and at the end there will be YG's new boygroup. Some of the most popular and well-known trainees include Bang Yedam (Kpop Star), Choi Hyunsuk (Mix Nine) and Kim Jongseob (Kpop Star 6)!
There is no confirmed debut date yet, but it's very likely that it will be right after the conclusion of "YG's Treasure Box" in 2019! 

3.) Jellyfish Entertainment's male trainees "VeriVery"
This pre-debut group gained attention for their sharp and synchronized dance moves as well as their fun sides in the reality show "Now VeriVery" where they traveled across Korea to shoot the M/V for "Super Special". Senior group VIXX also appeared and talked about the strengths of the trainees. Their agency is known to produce splendid balladeers, so the expectation for their vocal power is high as well.
There is no confirmed debut date yet, but it's very likely that it will be in the beginning of 2019! 

4.) Fave Entertainment's female trainees "Fave Girls"
Most people know the members from the survival program "Mix Nine" where they were praised for being a group of trainees with exceptional skills and the air of an already debuted group. Especially member Lee Sujin garnered popularity with her visuals and was even praised by Yang Hyunsuk himself. Unfortunately, she had to stop the show because of a car accident, but now she has recovered and is ready to make her debut alongside her fellow trainees. The pre-debut group already had a Pre-Show called [WE?] for their fans and plan to have another one for Christmas! 
There is no confirmed debut date yet, but it's very likely that it will be in the beginning of 2019!

What is your opinion on these pre-debut groups? Let me know in the comment section below! 

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Krypta   1 year ago
Although I dislike Star Empire as a company, I've always wanted to see one of their groups succeed so I'm rooting for Empire Girls. I've seen their stuff and they're pretty good. I'm really looking forward to Jang Hyokyeong's songs ❤
1 year ago
DirtyAhjumma   1 year ago
I just finished watching the first episode of Treasure Box and it looks like YG has several good options for members. I wonder how they'd differentiate themselves from Winner and iKON through their sound though.
1 year ago
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