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nayeoniModerator   9 days ago
On December 6th, Brand New Music revealed the news that they have ended their exclusive contract with the rapper San E.
San E has been the center of many controversies, the last one where he fired against the crowd at Brand New Music's concert "Brand New Year" for booing him to which he later apologized. 

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DirtyAhjumma   9 days ago
The lyrics to his "feminist" song made me shake my head but his behavior after hegot hate for it is just...blegh.
9 days ago
ucup_1805   9 days ago
omg, it's real or not ?
9 days ago
minlulu   9 days ago
Yikes. I used to think he was kind of ok, but this last chain of events has his reputation going way downhill. I hope he starts to make better and smarter choices. 
9 days ago

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